Château Péby Faugères

Saint émilion grand cru

Péby Faugères is the jewel of the Silvio Denz vineyards, made up of the best plots of merlot on a vineyard planted in a single block on the ancient soil of the clay-limestone slope of Saint-Émilion.

lieu-dit Bardoulet, 33330 Saint-Étienne-de-Lisse



Silvio Denz



Created in 1998, Péby Faugères was named after Pierre-Bernard Guisez, late owner of the domain, from whom it inherited the nickname.


The Château was bought by Silvio Denz in 2005, who also became the owner of the crystal glassworks maison LALIQUE in 2009. After which, all Péby Faugères bottles were decorated with a signature engraving called “Merle et Raisins”, or “Blackbird and Grapes”.


Château Péby Faugères enters the Saint Émilion Grands Crus classification in 2012.


Château Péby Faugères obtains a nationally recognized organic agriculture certification with the 2020 vintage, after progressively switching to organic methods since 2017.


In 2021, the Château inaugurated a new winery designed by architect Mario Botta.

Key Figures

Grape COmposition

100% Merlot


Clay-limestone soils 

Surface Area

17.67 ac / 7.1535 ha

Château Péby Faugères

In 2021, renowned architect Mario Botta designed a new winery using top-notch equipment in order to maintain the quality and excellence of Château Péby Faugères vintage after vintage. As Silvio Denz owns both the Château and Maison LALIQUE, the winery is decorated with hidden crystal sculptures. Not only is it a beautiful example of the alliance of art and wine, but it also reminds and celebrates the “Merle et Raisins” (Blackbird and Grapes), Château Péby Faugères’s signature bottle engraving since 2009.

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