Saint-Emilion, countryside and terroir

With the Saint-Emilion belltower as their focal point,
these UNESCO-listed World Heritage landscapes
stretch over eight surrounding communes.

Exploring this land you feel part of
this great ongoing history of wine farming, sharing and passing on of savoir-faire.

From land to terroir, there is a short step,
that of man.

This is what Saint-Emilion
is recognised for across the world
its terroir and its culture.

Wine farms on a human scale
exist together in close proximity
sometimes merging and intermingling

Châteaux, country houses, vineyard shelters and handsome grounds
cohabit with cellars, water springs and underground limestone galleries.

Nature shaped by man over hundreds of years
into a land blessed for vignerons,
who live there and celebrate this heritage
in their work every day.

The Grands Vins created by our vignerons
are testimony
to the rich diversity of our landscapes, slopes,
soils, climates and atmospheres.
Our wines mirror the places
where they were produced.

Our wines are the expression of our lands conveyed through the interpretation of the vigneron,
backed up by careful, constant observation and the ambition
to produce wines that reflect both their place
and the times we live in.

As an integral part of our terroirs, we are eager to share
this heritage through offering tastings of our wines.

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