What connects us


to showcase the very essence of Saint-Emilion,
to bring alive diverse vine-growing landscapes,
to shape them, observe them and interpret them.

Together we go to the four corners of the earth,
to share with wine professionals and enthusiasts alike,
our savoir-faire and the passion that drives us every day.

Key data


The first Saint-Emilion Classification


The classification is revised every ten years.
A real incentive for competition.


Creation of the Grands Crus Classés de Saint-Emilion

Today 49 Saint-Emilion Grands Crus Classés
make up its members.
Since March 2019,
François Despagne has been the President of the AGCCSE


The first vineyard to be listed
as UNESCO World Heritage


The Saint-Emilion vignerons
are careful to preserve the land they farm.

They are mindful of those who live in these vine-growing landscapes,
who work or come to stay there.

They were the first to undertake
a collective commitment to the environment.

Great wines

Excellence is a requirement on a daily basis,
a state of mind.

Driven by sincerity and precision,
in the search for finesse and refinement,
and a commitment to the long-term.

The best

and tomorrow will be better than today.
Joining the list of Grands Crus Classés,
helps create an even greater array of places,
aromas and tastes for the world to savour.


Farming the Saint-Emilion countryside,
we are deeply aware of the outstanding heritage
that has been entrusted to us.

Landscapes listed as UNESCO World Heritage,
landscapes to bring alive, protect and pass on.

Evolving landscapes

“Our culture binds us together;
our history and our traditions highlight
what we are.
We live our lives here,
shaped by the air we breathe,
the light that inspires us
and these lands that we farm.”

An invitation to Saint-Emilion

While our wines are invited to your tables,
we warmly invite you to come to our homes
and enjoy with us our “art de vivre”.
Come for a wander through our stunning countryside
and amble through diverse terroirs,
enjoying the different expressions of our wines.

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