Château De Ferrand

The recorded history of Château de Ferrand since the 17th century makes it one of the oldest and most consistent properties in Saint-Emilion.
Ferrand has always been a family affair, and in over 300 years of history the estate has been passed down within just two families.
Elie de Bétoulaud built the Château and the caves in 1702 and then he passed them down to his heir the Marquis de Mons, remaining in the family until the Baron Bich - founder of the Bic company- acquired it in 1978.

Nowadays, the estate is the property of his family and it is managed by Pauline Bich Chandon-Moët, with the help from her husband Philippe Chandon-Moët.
The owners of Château de Ferrand are keenly aware of the importance of nurturing the estate’s abundant natural gifts, as well as the quality of its wine. The vineyard management practices adopted at Ferrand are all about putting human expertise at the service of nature and not the other way around.

The charm of the estate, its breath-taking view over the Dordogne valley, the communion of nature and the work of the man, the elegance of its architecture, the famous caves created in the same period "as an eternal monument to the glory of the great King Louis ” make Ferrand a unique and amazing site.

The vineyard  
The vinification  

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération