Château Laniote

Château Laniote has been in the same family for almost two centuries. The property was built up by Pierre Lacoste, a wine-merchant from an old Saint-Emilion family. He began in 1816 with just a wine cellar surrounded by a few rows of vines and by 1844 he had enlarged it the size that it is today. Seven generations later, Château Laniote is still owned by his family. As, however, it has been inherited each time through the female line, the name of the owners changed : Lacoste, Rouja, Freymond, Schneider and now, La Filolie.

On each label of Château Laniote there is a picture of the 13th century Holy Trinity Chapel, .
This is a national listed monument, and along with the Hermitage where Saint-Emilion himself lived and a part of the Catacombs, it remains in the ownership of Pierre Lacoste’s descendants.

Arnaud de la Filolie is in charge of Laniote since 1988, assisted by his œnologist wife, Florence Ribereau-Gayon.

The vineyard  
The vinification  

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération