Château Faugères

In 2005, the property was acquired by Silvio DENZ, a perfume designer, lover of fine wines and owner of Lalique. When he acquired Château Faugères, he decided to rely on the exceptional clay and limestone soils to take the Château Faugères wines to the heights, continuing the quest for quality and allowing the great Faugères terroirs to fully express themselves.
This terroir is cultivated by means of natural sustainable viticulture, involving integrated cultivation and meticulous care on the part of Silvio DENZ along with his team, who are committed to getting the best out of this fine terroir, monitoring the Château Faugères vines as closely as possible.
In September 2009, a new winery is inaugurated. This monumental winery designed by Mario BOTTA is located at the top of the plateau overlooking Château Faugères, built in the 18th-century Chartreuse style. It is a harmonious addition to the countryside, that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.
Mario BOTTA, "Master of Light and Gravity", managed to turn the Château Faugères winery into a masterly work of art – a true cathedral of wine. "For me, the project invites a comparison between ’rational’ architecture built by man and the ’natural’ evolution of the countryside," explains Mario BOTTA, "with one enriching the other."
For Silvio DENZ, the purpose of the new winery is to serve the never-ending quest to improve the quality of the wine at every stage of production, deploying the very latest technology. Michel ROLLAND also worked on the specifications, with absolute priority given to the capacity, the layout and the optimisation of internal procedures.
In 2012, Château Faugères becomes Grand Cru Classé.

The vineyard  
The vinification  

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